About Serenity Clearing

Serenity Vibration HealingIt's a prayer modality but is not associated with any religion. It helps overcome the limiting beliefs acquired through societal, economic, political, religious and host of other dogmas and allows you to celebrate the life you were supposed to live: independent, creative, present, focused and forward looking. It helps reestablish your sovereignty and achieve your master walk in life.

The Creator implements all principles of this modality. All we do is direct our requests and prayers to overcome our limiting beliefs. The Creator is the unwavering source of our being and the sole implementer of our requests. The name one chooses to call upon The Creator is a personal preference. Using the name of your choosing will assist you to overcome dogmas of the past and anchor you in your divine walk. Our blessed Creator is all things and is known by many names. With SVH we are empowering The Creator to co-create with us as our free will choice allows The Creator to intercede on our behalf.

Everything in this modality honors your highest principles of divine truth and timing. Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique is a gift to all struggling beings received by Jill Marie Wood as a direct channel from The Creator in the year 2000. This modality can be used to assist one to rise above the limitations of embedded genetic formatting as well as current life traumas and restrictive beliefs that were imposed in the foundational stages of youth. This modality helps overcome powerful limitations that are reinforced by conscious and unintended thought patterns, words and actions.

Ultimately the goal of all evolving masters is to master the mind and the ability to create at will in divine timing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us (818) 900-0770, or email: info@serenityclearing.com to further discuss SVH sessions and classes available to you.