Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique (SVH)™

"I'm tired of haziness, not being able to focus. I just want to feel good, at ease, uplifted, not bothered. I want relief from my worries; I want to live a life of my choosing. I want to leave the past where it belongs and move on. Am I asking for too much?" you think to yourself as you go through psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, or another workout session with your favorite trainer, but struggles linger on and on.

Well, it turns out there might be a solution to your problems. There may be hope and a brighter future in store for you. You may be able to put the psychological weight down and quietly realize that the ghosts of the past and daily responsibilities are no longer bothering you. In fact you may start looking forward to your days once again.

And, no, you don't become irresponsible and careless. Quite the opposite is true. You will be more energized, in control, at ease, full of benevolence and enjoying life.

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Welcome to Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique

We accumulate vibrational debris every day. It may result from the actions we take or from the events that are pressed upon us. We accumulate vibrational sedatives whether we want them or not. Whether socio-economic forces negatively affect us or we can navigate through them with ease and comfort, these forces create feelings that linger on for a long time. At times they become burdensome. Some individuals feel this in a form of general fatigue, inability to focus, as if unable to "shake it off." Some others feel as if the life is passing them by and there is not much they can do to stop it.

When negative events of the past find reflections in our feelings today, if feels like we are reliving these experiences every day. That in turn affects our behavior. Echoes of the past siphon energy, focus, and rub us off of our well-being.

We at Serenity Clearing believe it is possible to reclaim your focus, clarity, sovereignty and overall well-being. It is possible to overcome the obstacles you were trying to conquer all your conscious life. It is possible to find out what you want out of this life, what satisfies you, where your center of gravity is and be at peace.

If you feel this resonates with you, please do not hesitate to contact us (818) 900-0770, or email: to further discuss Vibrational Clearing options available to you.

May you sport a grin as you swift through the details of your life.