Frequently Asked Questions

What is Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH)?

Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH) is a prayer modality. It allows a practitioner to place a prayer on behalf of a client, and the client receives the benefits in a real sense of the word. It means you start feeling better, at ease, lighter, and more focused. It promotes clarity, sovereignty and feeling of being present and in control of your life.

Is SVH a religion or religious denomination?

Even though we place a prayer with The Creator, SVH is not a religion or is not associated with any religious organization. SVH approaches the human being with all of its conditions from a perspective of vibrations, and healing is from a non-judgmental, singularly positive plane of existence implemented by The Creator. Practitioners are only directors of this modality.

Do I have to believe in anything for this modality to work?

There is no need to believe in anything other then what you believe in already for SVH to work. As you take a medication to alleviate an ailment without believing it will work or not, vast majority of times appropriate medication works. The same is true for SVH. Keep in mind that free will and choice are honored at every step of the way and it is up to the individual to allow the vibrational healing to take place.

I have had big and small traumatic experiences in my life. Can SVH help me overcome long lasting negative feeling associated with those experiences?

Yes, it can. SVH helps clear debris of negative experiences of the past that create negative feelings in the present. It helps overcome the connection between negative experiences and the feelings they create. It will clear your mind, which in turn will energize you and focus your mind. You will feel present in your life and able to carry on with your responsibilities without being burdened or overwhelmed by them. Please understand this is not an expressed or implied guarantee of any kind. Your results may vary from what has been reported by clients in the past.

How many sessions do I need to feel whether this modality is working for me?

Number of sessions depends on an individual. Some are more sensitive to the environment they live in while others not so much. The more affected you are by your environment the more sessions you will need to anchor yourself in a balanced and psychologically independent state of being. SVH helps you to reclaim your sovereignty. Think of these clearing sessions as vibrational laundry. As it is with shirts and pants when we wear them after washing them. If you are in the environment that does not have much dirt, it takes longer for shirts to soil. If you are in the mud all the time you'll need to clean them more often. It is true with Serenity Vibration Healing as well. If the environment you operate in is conducive to your psychological and vibrational well-being you'll need less sessions. However, if you find yourself struggling with everyday responsibilities you'll need more sessions to maintain your balance, clarity and focus.

Can I maintain anonymity while having these sessions?

Absolutely, positively yes. Please understand every measure will be taken to maintain your privacy. To begin with, you don't have to be physically present to receive the healing. We do not collect any of your private information such as Date of Birth, Social Security Number or anything else you do not feel comfortable disclosing. This is about you, your success, and peace of mind. If at any time you are not satisfied we will refund the cost of your session. We highly value hustle free interactions. We hope you do too.

What other issues can SVH help me solve?

SVH is a robust and powerful modality that can help you reestablish your sovereignty and clarity. It can help you put down psychological weight you have been carrying all this time. It can help you meet your responsibilities with clearly focused mind and sense of presence that will add a more satisfying dimension to your everyday living. Please call us (818) 900-0770, email: to further discuss Vibrational Healing options available to you.

Do you have celebrity confidentiality agreements?

Honoring, confidential interactions to facilitate vibrational healing and clarity is what we strive to achieve with every struggling soul.

May you be at peace always.